Spray Tanning | Makeup | Hair


Marissa P.

New York, NY.

Hair & Makeup

Special Event, Bridal, On Set, Video Production

4 Years of Experience

Loves to workout, dance, and cook.

Carla R.

Los Angeles, Ca.

Hair & Makeup

Special Event, Bridal, Fashion, Print, On-Set, and SFX

Melarie R.

Los Angeles, Ca. 

Makeup & Hair 

Special Event, Bridal, Prom, Red Carpet 

11 Years of Experience 

Loves Christmas and never skips a Super Hero Movie with her son.

Yuya T.

Los Angeles, Ca.

Hair & Makeup 

Bridal, Print, and Special Event

Payton W.

Kansas City, Mo. 

Hair & Makeup 

Bridal & Special Event 

5 Years of Experience 

She is a Cosmetology Instructor who loves spending time with her husky and enjoys watching baseball and football.